Ooooby launching in Matakana

Ooooby launching in Matakana
As of today, Friday the 15th May 2015, Ooooby Matakana is good to go!
Thank you to all those who have put their names on the waiting list. You have helped to bring Ooooby to our area!
You can now go to to sign up!
If you live within 30km of Matakana, you can now sign up as an Ooooby customer to pick up your first Ooooby box on Tuesday, 26th May at our hub at 988 Matakana Road.
To be included in the first delivery, you must register and place your order by Tuesday, 19th of May 2015.
The Matakana Ooooby hub is currently our only pick up point in the area. We are still looking for suitable locations in Warkworth and Snells Beach, to make the box pick up convenient for everyone. 
Now, please go and sign up to order your first box of fresh produce! I just did and I’m so excited!
  • Daphne is working to present the produce data for a 12 month period, in a spreadsheet, which we’ll be sharing here once it’s done.

  • Ursula Bil-Teitink

    You are all doing such an amazing work. It’s very exciting to go through the training module.