Like a walk in the park

Like a walk in the park

Well maybe not a walk in the park, and while it’s not rocket science it is complicated. In the words of Paula Allen from Palmerston North: 

Ooooby is being created by New Zealanders aiming to make it easier for consumers to eat healthy food that’s grown and produced close to where they live. It turns out that’s much harder to do than common-sense would suggest. Who would have thought?

31 May, 2016 – It was her tone, as she shared with another packer that the Lettuce had been frozen overnight, that tipped me off. Upstairs Jan and Nicky were frantically trying to source another 100 organic Lettuces. Not a chance! Hurriedly constructed letters for the boxes and out they went with the Beetroot, horror of horrors, in plastic bags. They had also been in the refrigerated container that had been accidentally turned to Freeze, so were pretty juicy – but still edible and tasty, as was confirmed later.

The Ooooby crew were all present to the challenge. They quickly took measures to reduce the likelihood of that happening again, and dealt with the issue. I was proud to be part of it, and see them all pull together to make the best of a bad situation and take decisions that were measured and considered.

Karrits and PeppasAttempting to circumvent the ”status quo” industrial food system is not an easy thing, but an important one. One of the challenges is finding enough local growers and, with a ”just in time” direct supply chain, we can’t rely on all the buffers that a warehoused food system can fall back on.

This week Jan, who organises what will go in the coming week’s boxes, was challenged in her task of sourcing enough local produce, by the Queens Birthday weekend.

So our customers didn’t miss out, she drove to Cambridge on the holiday Monday, to pick up the Capsicums and Peppers from Frans at Southern Belle Orchards.

And it seems like this little human being appreciated the effort.