How to build your own Ooooby Box

How to build your own Ooooby Box

As an Ooooby customer you can now build your own box! For just a small packing fee we will fill your box with any of the available produce items*. Just watch this quick video or read on to see how it works. 

How it works

When you receive your weekly Sneak Peek email just click on the link to your Ooooby dashboard and scroll down to see the full variety of fresh produce available for you that week.

Step 1 log in dashboard

Simply select the items you want. Don’t worry about the total amount yet, we will remove the standard box from your order in a second. Just pick and choose what you like, making sure you select at least the minimum produce order amount for your box.


Selecting the produce for your custom order


 When you’re done selecting just press the “Create Custom Box”  button at the top.


Step 3 Press "Create Custom Box"


This will remove your standard box from your order and replace it with your custom box.


Step 4 custom box ready


You are still free to make any adjustments after this, but always make sure you have the minimum order amount of fresh produce in your box, otherwise the system won’t be able to save your order. 


Not saving the order below the minimum amount



What if I don’t see any fresh produce in my dashboard?

The fresh produce is only available in your dashboard from the moment the Sneak Peek goes out until the order cut-off the following morning. If you are between this order window and still don’t see the fresh produce, your account might not be active for the coming week. In that case make sure your account is active or contact us if you are still waiting to be assigned a delivery day. 

What about the extras that I have in my subscription?

Any standard extras you receive on a weekly basis (bananas, eggs, coffee etc.) will still be in your box as usual, no worries about that 🙂

Do I still need to let you know I build a custom box?

No need, as long as your order looks they way you like it when you leave your dashboard again, you are good to go!

What if I want to switch back to the standard box again, how do I do this?

If you decide to receive the standard box after all, just go to the top, press “Edit” next to the box name and remove the custom box. Don’t forget to untick the “Skip next delivery” so your standard box is lined up again for the coming week, then press “Save” on the bottom.


Switching back to the standard box again


 *this may not be available in all Ooooby hubs yet. Packing fee and minimum order amount may be different in different Ooooby hubs.