Hamilton Sorting Hub

Hamilton Sorting Hub
  • Jul 4th – Launched Ooooby and invited signups
  • Aug 13 – First delivery to 48 customers
  • Sep 24 – Launched Online Shop
  • Sep 29 – 64 active customers in the Waikato

What’s been happening

Last Wednesday we launched a new online shopping window for customers to be able to add extras to their boxes.

On Friday we had a table at the Wellness Chiropractic Clinic’s event and a lucky winner received an Ooooby box full of fruit and veg. On Saturday we presented Ooooby to an audience of land-owners interested in or actively growing according to the Organic Farm NZ criteria. We have more than a dozen growers interested in supplying produce to Ooooby and are keen to build that list.

Hamilton Sorting Hub

Mt Wellington Auckland sorting hubWhile the Auckland Ooooby crew continue to pack your boxes in the Mt Wellington hub, steps are underway to establish a Waikato sorting hub. We are in dialogue with Ruth at the Waikato Environment Centre, who have a 100 m² rodent-proof warehouse space behind their new premises at the Five Cross Roads roundabout. It’s looking good for Ooooby to begin sorting there from the first week of December.

Growing Waikato Ooooby numbers

So we have the numbers to support staff and operations at a Waikato hub we first need to grow to 150 customers, and that’s where you come in. If you’re happy with the Ooooby produce and our service, then please tell your friends! Clicking the Facebook share button below is one simple action you can take.

As you think of more creative things we can do to reach more people, do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

You can post ideas on our Facebook page, drop an email to (daphne@ooooby.com) or call me (0800 OOOOBY). 

Help us help you, and together we can rebuild our local food system!