Growing together in the Waikato

Growing together in the Waikato

It has been a while in the making, but the newest Ooooby hub in the Waikato is now truly off the ground. Last week the first boxes full of Waikato grown produce only were packed in Hamilton and shipped off to our customers. Lemons from Rotokauri, Spinach from Te Awamutu, tomatoes from the “Tomato man” in Cambridge and Capsicums from Southern Belle Orchard in Matamata. So much good produce is grown in the Waikato, truly the food basket of New Zealand. 

Ooooby wants to make all this locally grown and produced food easily accessible and is working hard to refine her processes and service. To grow a hub we need more customers of course, but equally important is growing together with growers. Many growers are planting more at the moment especially for the Ooooby boxes. Others are happy to finally have a good outlet for the fruit that has been falling of their trees being wasted previously. With an efficient distribution model like Ooooby in place, we now have the tools to make sure all the produce grown locally finds it way to local households as fresh as possible.

Packing of the boxes is done at the Waikato Environment Centre, a very fruitful relationship in many ways. Both organisations have the same vision for a sustainable, fair and green community and operating in this same space means projects can flow into each other, events can be organised together and resources can be shared. For example, any left-over Ooooby produce goes straight to the Kaivolution Food Rescue project, reducing food waste to the absolute minimum.

We still have a long way to go but the first steps are taken. Together we are helping rebuild the local food system in the Waikato, stimulating land development for food, supporting family businesses and strengthening our local food resilience, one Ooooby box at a time.

Interested in an Ooooby box? Have surplus produce to sell? Know any one that would like to work with us? Contact Daphne, the Ooooby hub coordinator for the Waikato: 0800 66 66 29 or