Why we’re starting an Ooooby Hub In Christchurch

Why we’re starting an Ooooby Hub In Christchurch

packing operationFresh local organic food is found mostly at weekend Farmer’s Markets. So, Garden City 2.0 created a mid-week home delivery service that provides greater access for households craving real food, plus it gives these same growers at the market a reliable and consistent new revenue stream.

Since we began, a little over two years ago, we’ve been talking with Ooooby about how they have been developing their service. Earlier this year, the team at Garden City 2.0 realised that so many of the operational processes we need for the crew, along with features we want to offer customers, have already been built into the Ooooby software and systems – so it made perfect sense to form a new partnership here in Christchurch.

Ooooby is bringing advanced IT infrastructure, uber-efficient operational systems and people-friendly interface. Together with our knowledge of the local market, organic supply networks and connections with Christchurch communities, we feel this is a compelling proposition and a really positive step for our local food system!


Furthermore, we’re excited about shifting our existing packing hub into the inner city – a melting pot of innovative, community-led projects and collaboration. The purpose of this is to reveal the true nature of the food distribution and make it more accessible and interactive for the public.

Fresh produce looks amazing, it’s so radiant and full of life that it really is a pleasure to be around, let alone work with. It captures people’s attention and this visibility is our most powerful engagement tool, so we want to be in a space that can host this activity and multiply the impact of our Ooooby Christchurch hub!

~ Bailey Peryman