Why I love my Ooooby box

Why I love my Ooooby box

Ooooby box typesI never liked Supermarkets, even on a good day. It may sound a little harsh, and the truth is I still visit them because I haven’t weaned myself off the things they offer that I can’t easily find elsewhere, so I am grateful for them sometimes, but they’re just not fun. Those long rows of flashy packaged goods of seemingly infinite combinations and permutations is at best time-consuming to navigate, and at worst downright overwhelming.

Thankfully though I have a backup – a box of basic produce, that’s delivered to me every week – rain or shine. It just arrives without me doing anything, and if I want to spend a little effort I can go to the online shop and add a few extras, via the online shop. In fact I stopped mid-stream while writing this to add some Karengo Seaweed and extra Bananas into our next box.

Sneak PeekOh and it’s worth mentioning, you don’t have to accept what’s offered in your box (which can be an organic-only or a mixed (conventional and organic) box, because every Thursday you’ll get an email letting you know, based on what’s in season and available, what you can expect to see in your next box. You can reply and let your Ooooby customer happiness crew member know if you don’t want some things, and they will replace them with something else.

To call the produce basic is underselling what comes in our Ooooby box, because the quality and freshness is fabulous and I know why. I’ve been privy to the inner workings of the distribution logistics which bring me my food and I can tell you, it’s no mean feat.

Mt Wellington Auckland sorting hubFarmers and growers bring their produce into the local Ooooby hub early in the morning on Ooooby Tuesday and the team of packers do the job of packing hundreds of custom boxes for me and all the other customers in the Auckland and Waikato regions. For most of Auckland that means same day delivery, and for the rest of Auckland and the Waikato, delivery is the following day – now that’s pretty good by today’s food system standards, and for those of us who don’t live on a farm and can’t pop out the back to pick our own.

But it doesn’t stop there, because Daphne is busy coordinating with Ruth at the Waikato Environment Centre, who have recently moved to Five Crossroads. Ooooby is going to be receiving produce to a sorting hub there and packing it for you Waikato customers.

If you’re not getting a box of Ooooby goodness yet, I recommend you get online at www.ooooby.org and setup your order.

Get in before 8:00am Friday, and receive your first box the following week!