Why we supply Ooooby – Bill & Marilyn

Why we supply Ooooby – Bill & Marilyn

Our 3 acre organic orchard has always produced succulent fruit throughout the year, in quantities too great to be used only in the home kitchen (even though we have a lot of guests) and the roadside stall (and modern day breakdown of the old honesty box system).

Six years ago we started doing a Saturday farmers’ market, and that worked well, though often we had either too much fruit for the morning market to absorb, or too little to make the trip and the time worthwhile.

Then, we added a Sunday market, and this helped a lot when fruit was abundant, but became a big time and petrol waster when it was not.

So, we started making connections with organic shops, cafes and small cooperative buying groups and a few individuals, as a way of more effectively marketing our fruit during times of excess. But this required a lot of running around for a relatively small return.

Then, Ooooby came along and made our life much, much easier. Now we are back to just one market a week (and have our Saturdays free!), and whenever we have strong crop(s) of one or more types of fruit, we just let Daphne know 5 days in advance, and she works those items (and available abundances) into her weekly box contents plan.

During periods when we have limited supplies of fruit (not enough to satisfy Ooooby’s needs, nor to justify a trip to town for us), we just drop out for a time, and Daphne gets all of her fresh goods from the other suppliers.

We no longer waste any fruit, we get paid a fair price for it (less than we get at the farmers’ market, but greater volume, and no need for us to spend 5 hours of our time selling it to individuals) and the recipients of the Ooooby boxes are happy with the quality and variety of fresh fruits and vegetables they get from this nice mix of happy suppliers, of which we are one.

Thank you, Ooooby!

Bill & Marilyn

Bill and Marilyn feature in this video about Ooooby, if you want to watch and listen to them tell their story.

Ooooby – out of our own backyards from Dollarmixbag / Ash Robinson on Vimeo.