What Is An Organic Delivery Service?

What Is An Organic Delivery Service?

There are a couple of hassles involved with any kind of produce shopping. Number one, you want the freshest produce with the best taste. Unfortunately, at conventional stores, the options are often slim. The fruits are old and bruised, the vegetables have been sitting in a warehouse for weeks, and once you get them home and take a bite, the taste leaves something to be desired.

The farmers market has much better produce – fresher, tastier, and all-around more flavourful. You know it was picked only a day or two ago, or maybe even that morning. The problem here is selection and time. The market might only be open certain days during the week, and sometimes you just don’t have room in your schedule to make a pit stop. The selection is wonderful, but you’re not sure which vendor to choose for lettuce, or who has the best tomatoes.

Here is where an organic delivery service swoops in to save the day. An online farmers market like Ooooby does the leg-work for you: choosing the freshest, best local produce that’s in season from reliable, organic growers and farmers, boxing it up, and sending it straight to your doorstep.

Read on for more details on what sets an online market apart from the other options, and why you should choose online grocery shopping.

Online Farmers Markets: The Basics

Organic Food, Sustainably Sourced & Carefully Selected

No more standing in the produce department, agonizing over which box of strawberries looks the best. No more picking up each and every avocado for sale and measuring their firmness. No more wandering through a crowded market, looking high and low for what you need and wondering which vendor to choose.

Produce food boxes delivered straight to your home do all of this for you in a few different ways. First, a service like Ooooby works with local farmers and growers in your area to source the freshest fruits and vegetables from the vicinity. Growing and farming practices are researched, leading us to source from as many organic growers as possible. Small-scale farmers and artisan producers from your community are the suppliers, and this puts money back into the local economy. To put it simply, food delivery does the hard work for you, and you reap the benefits.

Food Boxes Sent Straight To You 

Based on your preferences, family size, and needs, a food box is delivered to you containing fresh, organic produce that has been grown locally, farmed sustainably, and picked at its ripest. The selection in the boxes changes week-to-week depending on what’s in season. Organic delivery is a convenient, smart, sustainable, and healthy way to shop and eat.

Fresh, Healthy Food Made Super Easy

Produce boxes from online farmers markets make living life and eating organic, sustainable food easy. It takes the guesswork out of wandering around the produce aisle, and eliminates trips to the farmers market. You don’t have to know how to tell if an apricot is ripe, or which lettuce is the crispest. You don’t even have to know which seasonal produce is the best, because it will be picked for you and put in your box. Try organic delivery for yourself and see how it works. For a health and community-oriented online market, try Ooooby.


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