Waikato – The 2nd NZ hub

Waikato – The 2nd NZ hub

On August 13th the first Ooooby boxes were delivered to Ooooby customers in the Waikato. They had gone overnight from the Auckland hub and were being delivered at the crack of dawn, so that most customers had them by 10am.

The feedback has been great, and it’s a pleasure to be here in the mighty Waikato.


  • DavidSavage

    The present food system is simply wasteful and does’t utilise local assets or support community wellbeing …. In terms of regional challenge (Wairarapa), I think the plus is that there are many producers, but the challenge will be a smaller population … however, Wellington is just an hour away, and yet I suspect Kapiti Hub would see possibility there too?

    • The stats on food waste are astounding, and in part I’m sure because as consumers we’re not connected with the source of the food (that we are throwing away). Local makes sense for so many reasons!

      Adam and Tink in Kapiti have agreed not to look at taking Ooooby into the Wellington region at present, as Tink has a relationship with a key retail store there. While it is ultimately fair game, it’s also a conversation to be had with them at some point.

      • For better and worse Wellington is out of our sights. Who knows, things may change, but for now we’re focused on Kฤpiti. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ursula Bil-Teitink

    The global industrial food system is not a sustainable and fair system. Why transporting kiwis from New Zealand to Europe and importing Kiwis from Italy to New Zealand? Marketing campaigns are driven by profit and market share. Why adding so many additives, sugars etc to food? Producing quality food takes time and effort, why choosing the easy way and buy processed food? People are losing the connecting with food, where does it come from, what goes into producing a quality product? It’s time to share our food stories ๐Ÿ™‚

    Regional challenges for the New Plymouth area:
    Finding enough local produce to fill at least 100 Ooooby boxes a month. Opportunity is to get produce from Wanganui area.
    Transport cost (distance between location growers and location customers)
    Encouraging a new generation of small scale growers to start producing local food.

    • Yes, there are problems and no you won’t fill 100 boxes from local growers at the start, but yes, with the right focus we can build a better food system if we just keep our eye on the prize, and get started.

      “Encouraging a new generation of small scale growers to start producing local food.”
      Now you’re really talking my language Ursula.

  • Emma Thorp

    I think creating monocultures has been the first major problem with the global food industry the second is the waste and the third our conditioning to reject anything less than perfect. I am hoping that Ooooby will help many of us have the farm to plate experience and begin to appreciate where the food comes from and accept imperfections as a healthy alternative to a chemically sprayed product. This in turn will lessen waste and buying locally from small growers will bring back diversity.

    • Pete Russell

      Yes I agree Emma. The key is convenience. We humans are inherently lazy and the dominant model is perpetuated because it is the most convenient option. So one of our tasks is to bring convenience to more polycultural and less wasteful model while encouraging our customers to prioritise their food choices on flavour and freshness over cosmetics.