Time to take your CSA up a notch?

Time to take your CSA up a notch?

Do you run a Community Supported Agriculture operation?

If so you’re most likely aware that there’s a lot more talk than action when it comes to local and ethical food.

The truth is that there is a fast growing crowd of conscious consumers who want to buy local and ecological food. The catch is that these people are typically busy and they’re used to the convenience of our modern food system. Their ‘want’ doesn’t translate to ‘will’ because getting along to the Farmers Market or joining their local CSA just doesn’t fit into their lifestyles.

Let’s face it.

People who participate in CSA’s are a rare breed. It takes commitment, community mindedness and a keen awareness of the insanity of the dominant industrial food regime to go out of your way to be part of the solution. If there were more people like you and your customers then we would be living in a better world, but the reality is that although lots of people want to be part of the solution, they’re just not willing to do what it takes.  BUT… what if we could take the solution to them? What if we could make CSA food fit their lifestyle?

The more people who buy local food the better off we all are.

Systemic change always starts with a small group of ‘out of the box’ thinkers who demonstrate a smarter way. As a CSA operator you’re demonstrating a smarter way to buy food. The next step is to configure the CSA model to reach more people without taking the simplicity away from your daily operations.

This is where Ooooby comes in.

Ooooby.org is an online platform that is standing on the shoulders of Farmers Markets and CSA’s to reach the next tier of shoppers. We’re a for-common-profit enterprise with a shared ownership model.  The Ooooby model has been tried and tested in five locations around the world and now we are working to help advance local food here in the United Kingdom.

We’re a team of global citizens working together to rebuild local food systems.

If you are interested in learning more email hello@ooooby.com 

*Image from Redwood Roots Farm