How to Tailor a Food Box to Fit Your Lifestyle

How to Tailor a Food Box to Fit Your Lifestyle

There are an incredible number of reasons to order a food box or food bag for your produce needs.

But did you know that you can tailor your box to suit your lifestyle? Did you know that food delivery doesn’t have to be one-size-fits-all?

Keep reading to find out how flexible online grocery shopping can truly be with a service like Ooooby.

4 Ways to Make Food Delivery Work for You

1. Pick Your Perfect Size

When you order a produce box, you can customize it. Planning meals for one or two? Get the smallest size. Feeding a big family of five or six? Go for a large box with bigger portions and variety.

On the other hand, maybe you are planning on eating out one or two days during the week, or have an event on the weekend. Or maybe you have guests coming and will need to make a larger meal than usual. In these cases, change your order to a smaller box, a larger box, or you can even choose to skip your organic delivery that week. It’s that simple.

2. Add Extras or Pantry Staples

You can add delicious extras to your box whenever you like. All of these add-ons are locally selected from producers and food artisans in your area.

Grab some organic eggs or soft bread rolls. Treat yourself to a bar of gourmet chocolate and some fresh, fragrant tea or coffee. Other add-on examples include dried herbs, tasty jams, pancake mix, organic juice, oil and vinegar, a variety of dried fruit, and a lot more.

These extras are especially convenient when you run out of a pantry staple but you know your food box is getting ready to pack and ship. Just add the item you need onto your box and skip the additional supermarket stop.

3. Make Changes Whenever

Wasting food is, well, a waste.

Your food needs can change drastically from week to week. Your lifestyle isn’t always constant. Sometimes you need flexibility in your food options. You don’t want to get more produce than you can use, and you don’t want to waste delicious, fresh food that’s in season.

With a service like Ooooby, you can make changes whenever you want. You can change the size of your box, add extra items, or completely skip a box one week. You can get your food delivered weekly, or every two weeks. You don’t have to be stuck with just one option or just one choice.

4. Keep Your Food-spiration Alive

With food delivery, you will never get bored.

Week to week, season to season, your box will contain variety. There will be new ingredients to try and fresh, seasonal foods to plan meals around. You’ll get staples like lettuce, carrots, or onions, but you’ll also get fun produce to try, like canary melons or cilantro.

Opening your box each week will feel like opening a present. It’s fun to see what you get, and to come up with creative ways to use each item in your box.

Best of all, you’ll get healthy vitamins and minerals, beneficial fiber, and fantastic taste without having to visit the farmers market. Eating healthy was never so easy, or so delicious.

Choose Ooooby for Fresh, Easy Online Grocery Shopping

Ooooby makes it easy to get fresh, local produce on a regular basis. As much as possible, we source from organic farming operations and growers who use sustainable practices in your area. We deliver the best of your location’s bounty straight to you.

Best of all, a food box from us can be tailored to your lifestyle as well as provide ease and convenience. Choose Ooooby and see how good it can be, because when you order from us, you’ll eat well.


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