A delicious and nutritious fruit and vegetable smoothie recipe

A great way to use fruits and vegetables is in smoothies. Not only are there lots of different recipes available, they are super easy to make, taste great and thanks to the ingredients used, are very nutritious. Here’s a simple on using seasonal produce that you might get in your Ooooby box in June.

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New box introductions and price adjustments for 2016

Coming into the new year we’ve looked at our offerings and will be adding a few new boxes as well as adjusting the existing ones – effective for deliveries from 5th January 2016.  We’re introducing a Tiny Veg Box for our single and student Oooobsters, as well as a Mega Mix Box for those families with Mega Appetites for eating fresh and local. Our Big Mix boxes will be changed to better suit families – with a little less variety, but more of each of those items, so that you can cook a big meal for the troops. So that we also have a better offer for our Sydney offices we decided to transform our Lil’ Fruit Box into the BIZ Fruit Box. Overall, we’d like to put a bit more fruit and veg into the boxes, so have bumped the prices to reflect the additional produce. As you know, we always pay farmers at 50% of the box value – this means your value never changes. 10% box price increase means 10% more produce value for you, as well as 10% more for Ooooby to cover the ever-increasing cost of operating in Sydney! This is what we’ve got coming up; Box Price Changes Description MEGA Mix Box $109* New box! 100% Organic. Feeds a family of five people or four produce lovers. Each box has on average 12-13 varieties of seasonal vegetables and 2-4 seasonal varieties of fruit. BIG Mix Box $89* Now same amount of variety as the Middy Mix but with greater volume 100% Organic. Feeds a family of four people or three produce lovers. Each box has more of what’s in the Middy... read more

“Daylight come and I wanna go home”

Dear Oooobsters! Being the ethical business we are and you being the ethical consumers we admire, we wanted to share our thoughts on the Four Corners program, ‘Slaving Away’ which premiered on 4th May 2015. For those of you who haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, this episode tackled the issues regarding widespread exploitation of migrant workers by labour hire companies within Australia’s Food Industry. While Australian citizens are paid award wages or above, labour hire companies supply migrant workers to businesses and not only skim off the top the workers pay, but also place them in poor and unsafe working environments, sometimes with working hours of up to 20 hours per day. Being a migrant myself, I shared similar experiences as the migrant workers in this interview and have come across exploitation of migrants within other industries as well. In saying that, I am European and our cultures and freedoms are not so different to those of Australia. We listened to a lot of Bob Marley and are brought up with the idea of fighting for our rights like the British holiday workers Milly and Katie in this program. However, some of our Australian guests will have come from countries where some of these rights may not always be exercised or understood. So when they do arrive in Australia seeking opportunities, they don’t know what to expect and because of the language barrier, trust their fellow countrymen to guide them in the right direction. It is very sad to see all this! Though I also feel somewhat more optimistic now that this is in public eye... read more