Ooooby’s mission explained – Part 1

Ooooby’s mission explained – Part 1
Ooooby is on a mission to make local food convenient, affordable and fair, everywhere. These three elements are very important to us, that’s why we want to explain each part individually starting with convenience. 
There are a myriad of reasons why eating local is better for us, our communities and our ecosystem. All of these reasons drive us to work towards our mission, together with our growers and customers. 


Good local food can be quite hard to find and access.
Supermarkets by far outdo any other food outlet in dollars that are spend on food in New Zealand and it is hard to to deny their convenience for the shopper. Huge variety in products, extended opening times and many different locations make these institutions the preferred place to shop for food. However, to keep the prices low and achieve economies of scale supermarket chains buy in large, forcing small growers and suppliers to scale up or be pushed out of the market.
So what is the alternative? Farmers markets are luckily becoming more popular in New Zealand, with increasing amounts of visitors as well as stallholders, providing a wonderful forum for face-to-face contact between growers and consumers. Before the advent of the supermarket, direct markets and local grocery stores like butchers and bakers used to be the only places where food could be bought.
At Ooooby we recognize the benefits of a local food system, and have thought long and hard on how to bring this back in place. How can we make it easy again to by fruits and vegetables that are grown in your own region, instead of having been shipped around the country, or even worse, imported? The answer for us lies in harnessing the huge advancements we have made in information technology. What if we apply the convenience and efficiency of online systems to bring back the life in our local, offline, food system? What if people would simply do their shopping online, on their computers, tablets, smartphones, which already have a prominent place in our contemporary busy and connected lives, and have this result in the food ending up on the actual, physical doorsteps of peoples homes? How cool would that be?!
So that is part of our mission, making is easier to buy from your farmers next door than to step in your car and drive to the supermarket to buy produce from who knows where. Part of this is also to make it easy to then use the produce that is delivered. We provide recipes and kitchen ideas, and are currently working on developing a recipe ready box to increase convenience during mealtime even more. Because we know that we all want to buy local and cook healthy nutritious meals, and we are here to make this achievable and fit in our busy lives.
We’ll soon explaining our mission for affordability and fairness!