Ooooby Roadshow

Ooooby Roadshow

Our mission is to make local food convenient, affordable and fair everywhere.

We exist to help rebuild local food economies because we believe that changing the way we grow, process and distribute food is fundamental to solving the world’s most pressing social and ecological problems.

Come and hear the Ooooby story and learn how you can become a part of it:

Auckland (Aug 31) •

Tauranga (Sep 2) •

Palmerston North (Sep 3) •

Wellington (Sep 3) •

Christchurch (Sep 4) –

Hear Pete Russell and James Samuel from Ooooby (Out Of Our Own Back Yards), talk about the crowd funding equity raise, how you can get your slice of the Ooooby pie and where we might be popping up next.



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  • 60 people braved the stormy weather. It had been raining since early morning without a break. An extensive Q&A session followed a short presentation on the reasons for Ooooby, and snippets from its seven year history. People asked great questions and weren’t in any hurry to leave.

    By the time the evening ended, we were able to announce we’d reached $45,000 pledged, after launching just 5 hours earlier.

  • Last night’s Ooooby event in Tauranga was well attended – almost as many people as the Auckland event, which given there is not even an Ooooby hub here yet was fantastic! We were well prepared, having received abundant constructive feedback and hands on support to polish the presentation and make sure all the important details were covered before opening up for Q&A.

    I think we must have done such a good job, because the Q&A only went for 20 minutes before we invited people to invest, then ended the formal part of the event and let the evening transition into a buzz of conversation.

    The feedback I got as I moved around the room, was that the message was clear, Ooooby is on a mission and is not your average business, but instead is founded on deeply rooted ethics and principles.

    Lynda, who has been working away to find local growers to supply a Tauranga Ooooby, was delighted at having added considerably to her grower database.

    Pete got to meet Carina for the first time. She was the one who got the Tauranga Ooooby food and plant swapping group going in Tauranga, about seven years ago when we started the network.

    Dana, who has been so supportive of the Ooooby initiative in the Bay of Plenty, had paid for a cameraman to come and film the presentation, and I look forward to getting the footage soon so I can put a quick summary of it online to help spread the message to those who don’t or can’t make it to one of the roadshow events.

  • Bee Pikia

    I don’t have money but would love to help get Ooooby going in Southland.

    • Thanks for the note Bee – which part of Southland are you in? Invercargill/Riverton/Gore?

    • Hi Bee – Thanks for the note.

      Things will start popping down there before too long. With Christchurch being the first to launch, other places wont be too far behind. Please drop me a note and let me know your interest and background and availability, and I will soon be able to point you to some information about starting a hub.