Ooooby goes to the Carnival

Ooooby goes to the Carnival

Customers and yet-to-be customers came to talk Ooooby at the Waiheke Primary School Carnival yesterday. It was a beautiful day, quite unexpected given the previous days stormy weather.

The conversations focused around some of the logistics of the Ooooby box and the customer experience. We spoke about the options for fruit and/or veges and having entirely organic, or only partially organic, of small or large sized boxes.

We talked about the Thursday Sneak Peek email, that lets you know what will be in Tuesday’s box, and how you can reply and ask for some things to be left out and replaced by others.

The online shop is one of the unexpected bonuses – where you go to add anything from fabulous artisan bread to Juices or jams, dried meats or coffee, and even a range of Eco-Store products.

Sign up today by putting your address in here and following the prompts.

Why you are seeing Ooooby out and about

A few Waiheke residents got together on the 9th September to discuss growing Ooooby on the island. At the time we were delivering to 37 customers.

We set a goal of delivering to 100 Waiheke customers each week – a number we know allows us to pay wages for the roles of coordinating with the growers, packing and delivering. So attending this Carnival and the Olive Festival next weekend are all part of the plan.

When we have our local sorting hub here on the island, we’ll still need to bring some food from Auckland for a while, as very little produce is being grown on the island – and therein lies the opportunity – for more people to grow and harvest for distribution to a hungry and expanding group of appreciative Waiheke customers and thus begin rebuilding our local food system.

This Tuesday (18th November) we’ll deliver to 56 customers and next week . . .