3 Ways an Online Farmers Market Can Help Simplify Your Life

3 Ways an Online Farmers Market Can Help Simplify Your Life

When you want the freshest produce, local farmers shopping their wares are your best bet. 

Local growers from your vicinity bring all of their best crops to area markets, and you know you’re getting fruits and veggies that are ripe and delicious as well as sustainably farmed.

But out of all the options at the outdoor market, who has the best lettuce? The lushest peaches? The most fragrant, fresh herbs? What if you have to travel to a few different markets to find what you need for the week?

Sometimes investing in local or organic food for your family isn’t the most convenient thing in the world. Sometimes you just don’t have time to visit the local market, especially if it’s only open on the weekends. These things can definitely get in the way of obtaining the best produce.

However, there is a solution that solves most, if not all, of these problems. An online farmer’s market takes the inconvenience out of purchasing local and organic produce.

In fact, food delivery can simplify your life in a number of ways. Read more and find out how.

Organic Delivery: 3 Ways a Food Box Makes Life Easier

1.      It Eliminates the Produce Trip

The produce aisle of the supermarket is a landscape of choices. There are mountains of fruit and vegetables, all in a rainbow of colours and varieties.

In this scenario, choosing gets complicated, not to mention stressful.

Plus, you don’t really know where all of that food came from. Where was it grown? Who grew it? What methods did they use?

Skip the guesswork and the waffling. Get a food box delivered and let someone else do the choosing while you reap the benefits. You also will rest easy in the knowledge that it was all grown locally by dependable growers and suppliers, instead of guessing and wondering.

2.      A Variety of Produce Makes Meal Planning Easier

One of the hassles of meal planning is figuring out what to make for the week. First you have to hunt down recipes, then you have to figure out all the ingredients you need. Then, finally, you go to the supermarket and get everything for the week.

But then Wednesday’s planned meal rolls around, and you forgot to get an onion, or some other necessary ingredient.

What if you had all the produce you needed for the week delivered? You’d have a box of variety picked based on what’s fresh and in-season. You could then make recipes centred on what’s in your box, not on a hope and a prayer.

For instance, fresh tomatoes make a beautiful marinara or salsa. Potatoes and carrots can be roasted in the oven, steamed, mashed, pureed, or boiled. Fresh strawberries make an easy dessert with whipped cream. By taking away a tough choice each week, organic delivery simplifies meal planning and makes your life easier.

3.      You’ll Never Skip a Farmer’s Market

With a produce box delivered to your door, you’ll never skip another local market, because the market will come to you.

You’ll get a fresh variety of produce weekly, or as often as you like, without wasting any gas or frittering away precious time that you could use more productively.

You’ll also eat seasonally, which comes with its own benefits. You’ll feel more in tune with nature as the seasons wax and wane, and the foods you eat will complement your life – hot soups with hearty veggies in winter, light and fresh salads in spring, juicy fruit in summer, and filling meals that make you feel cozy in autumn.

Try a Food Box from Ooooby

Ooooby is a reliable online market that delivers freshness to your door as often as you like. Everything is sourced locally, and much of it is organic. Try us today and find out how it can simplify your life.


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