Not your average bean-counter

Not your average bean-counter

“What to do with those greens in your Ooooby box”

Our calendars had the “Ooooby in the Valley” gathering locked in for a few months. The last one was two years ago and we were overdue. So last week our geographically dispersed crew came together for some much needed face to face time, though our crew video calls must be working because Pete and Susan had to think hard whether they had actually met in the flesh (they hadn’t).

As a lead in Thursday was a full day strategy session with Mark Barr, generously hosted by Deloitte’s who gave us a meeting room in their Auckland office. In the context of wanting to actively support rising stars in the enterprise space, Deloitte’s have been helping us better understand investment protocol and organisational structure options that could match our mission driven organisation.

Nick and MuratOoooby in the Valley offers the core crew a chance to check-in and allow the space for the magic that comes from being together for a few days.  

On Friday I met Susan, Davy and Nick off the ferry and we drove out to the village, and Pete’s home, which he kindly toured us.

Rather artfully and without wasting time, Susan soon invited us to pair off and ask each other a few key questions, including: “What do you most appreciate about yourself?”

What a fabulous way to get grounded and present, before launching into visions of a transformed food system and Ooooby’s part in it.

Pete had listed some top level questions, with the last scraps of chalk in his house. 

Ooooby in the Valley pics on FacebookOoooby is working to make local food easy and fair – and asking these questions gave us room for ample exploration, and a robust critique of current and possible future expressions of Ooooby. That was Friday and we all went to bed at good hour, having stretched ourselves. 

The next morning Anake Goodall arrived from Christchurch, to spend the morning with us. We kicked off with a short Skype call with Graham in the UK and then dived into the next phase of our discussion. 

Ooooby_in_the_Valley_DinnerBy the time Saturday had come to a close, Anake, Davy and Susan were heading home on boats and planes and those remaining stayed to enjoy a relaxed dinner.

I helped Nick prepare some vegetables for the evening meal.

Nick is our accounts wizard and had come with ingredients for Ottolenghi’s “Tamara’s Ratatouille“. While this dish is quite involved it was the conversation we had about simple things that can be done with vegetables that really inspired me. 

Here’s one I’ll remember next time I see an abundance of greens in my Ooooby box. As Nick termed it, “that tender stuff that Sally gives us -Tatsoi and Bok-Choy”.

Nick’s recipe for deliciousness

Sometimes I’ll grab a few of those lovely sweet Peppers from Southern Belle. I’ll cut them up and fry them lightly in Peanut Oil, maybe adding a little Sesame Oil to finish. After they’re softened up a bit, I’ll add Garlic and lashings of Ginger before tossing in the greens, lightly wilting them. Then add a little Soya Sauce and there you have it. 

We had talked for a while about how he has a kitchen full of spices and herbs, oils and vinegars, so when he does follow a recipe, everything is on hand. But rather than approach cooking from the perspective of “What do I want to cook?” Nick likes to start from the place of “What have a I got, and what can I do with those things?” In his humble way Nick tells me “That’s where I’d love to be, but I’m not there yet.” But hey you just added another possibility to my meal-making kit.

Thank you Nick, you’re not your average bean counter, and we’re lucky to have you taking care of Ooooby financials.