Like a walk in the park

Attempting to circumvent the ”status quo” industrial food system is not an easy thing, but an important one. One of the challenges is finding enough local growers and, with a ”just in time” direct supply chain, we can’t rely on all the buffers that a warehoused food system can fall back on.

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A delicious and nutritious fruit and vegetable smoothie recipe

A great way to use fruits and vegetables is in smoothies. Not only are there lots of different recipes available, they are super easy to make, taste great and thanks to the ingredients used, are very nutritious. Here’s a simple on using seasonal produce that you might get in your Ooooby box in June.

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Grow with Ooooby

Ooooby is building a community of discerning customers who greatly value knowing where their food comes and how it has been grown. They want high-quality, nutrient-dense, locally-sourced produce, and they trust us to find it for them. Ooooby exists to make local food easy and fair for these customers, and many more like them. We’re working to deliver great produce to our customers in towns and cities across New Zealand, Australia, and even California. The relationships each local hub has with its growers is central to how we operate. We want to work with and support smaller growers, and especially those using regenerative, sustainable farming methods.

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A week at Ooooby Matakana

I am part of the Ooooby Matakana team. I love to eat out of my own back yard! We grow most of our own fruit and veggies and when there is excess I can sell to Ooooby. These broad beans were picked in the morning and in the Ooooby boxes later that same morning. I am hoping to grow tomatoes for Ooooby this summer. ~ Robin Barclay Tuesday started with a quick visit to the Auckland hub to say hello to Daphne, Leonie, Chris and Ben before jumping in the truck with Mark to take produce to the Ooooby Matakana hub for the packing day.  The mood was good humoured and relaxed, even though there were some challenges – the Ooooby crew were short staffed and some produce had not been supplied as expected. Finding local produce With Robin’s Broad Beans and Patrick and Louise’s potatoes, the boxes had a good sampling of local produce and looked great! The crew finished just in time as customers began arriving, after school pickup. Some boxes were picked up and taken to other drop points in Warkworth, Leigh and Wellsford. Behind the scenes I spent the following day with Katya, who has been finding her way in the supply coordination role and doing a great job of managing the seemingly endless variables that are inherent when it comes to finding and buying fresh produce. On Thursday I learnt about the Customer Happiness role from Mel. She is about to pass on the  role to Gabrielle, but the Matakana crew are hoping she can continue to work her magic with the Ooooby Matakana Facebook page. A growers meeting was held on Tuesday the 3rd at... read more

First Ooooby spuds – Matakana

We wanted to share a photo with you of our first Ooooby spuds. We’ve worked all winter to convert a sheep paddock into a growing area and it’s pretty exciting to think that next week we’ll be supplying the Matakana hub with fresh dug local new potatoes.   Louise and I heard about Ooooby at the Beyond Organic NZ Tour workshop in March, then attended the Ooooby Matakana set up meetings. We just felt that Ooooby presented a really cool way to connect with the land and the local community. And that is “money can’t buy stuff” that people readily associate with. We’ve been enjoying being Ooooby packers – the Matakana team are lovely people and we have a lot of fun every Tuesday, and to be growing just adds to the mix. We are committed to seeing this Ooooby thing work.   I saw how nervous Pete was at the first investor roadshow meeting at AUT and I thought “this means a lot to this guy”. The simple act of feeling empathy for someone that is prepared to put it all out there got me thinking, “yeah, I’ll try and help this effort as much as I can”.   Like everything in life there are some commercial realities. Adam Smith’s reference to the “invisible hand” in 1776 is still very relevant today. People are innately motivated to service their own needs and by doing that they ensure the efficient allocation of resources within an economy (as if drawn by an invisible hand). Ergo, money will always find it’s best use. Ooooby like every other business has to operate within that paradigm.   In Matakana, we... read more

Ooooby launching in Matakana

Woo-hooo!    As of today, Friday the 15th May 2015, Ooooby Matakana is good to go!   Thank you to all those who have put their names on the waiting list. You have helped to bring Ooooby to our area!     You can now go to to sign up!     If you live within 30km of Matakana, you can now sign up as an Ooooby customer to pick up your first Ooooby box on Tuesday, 26th May at our hub at 988 Matakana Road.   To be included in the first delivery, you must register and place your order by Tuesday, 19th of May 2015.   The Matakana Ooooby hub is currently our only pick up point in the area. We are still looking for suitable locations in Warkworth and Snells Beach, to make the box pick up convenient for everyone.    Now, please go and sign up to order your first box of fresh produce! I just did and I’m so excited!    ... read more