Make an Impact in Your Community by Supporting Local and Organic Farming

Make an Impact in Your Community by Supporting Local and Organic Farming

You’re a conscious and conscientious consumer. You care about where you put your hard-earned money, and what businesses you’re supporting by handing over those bills.

You care about the quality of food that you put on your table. You care about where it comes from.

You care – and that’s fantastic.

Here’s how you make a real difference when you show that you care about your local food system by using farmers markets and food delivery, starting with the contrast between local and industrial food systems.

How Local, Real Food and Industrial Food Systems Contrast

Local food is sold in the vicinity where it’s grown. It isn’t shipped hundreds or even thousands of miles to reach supermarket shelves, and it generally isn’t picked before it’s ripe. Local food is available for the local community.

The farming practices for local food are different from the norm, too. Real food is picked and sold within a few days – sometimes even on the same day. It’s perfectly fresh and ripe, and it got all the time it needed on the tree, vine, bush, or plant.

Local organic farming practices also mean that the land in the area is healthier. It’s tended with sustainability and energy-conservation in mind, as well as natural methods to keep pests and weeds at bay, without chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

In contrast, industrial food systems are focused on profit alone. Food is shipped far and wide. It’s picked long before it’s ripe, because that way it will last longer and not spoil before it lands on supermarket shelves in produce aisles. Fields are sprayed liberally with pesticides, and crops are genetically modified to produce higher yields and more dollar signs.

It’s therefore common sense: when you support local, real food, you support a healthier business model. You support those small-scale farms and artisan producers. Read on for some other ways this benefits everybody.

Supporting Your Local Community and Organic Farming: The Benefits are Big

Put Money Back into Organic Farming and the Local Economy

Want to support the local economy? Want to support sustainable farming? Buy local. You vote for local growth by buying from local businesses like growers and farmers, including those who source from those businesses. Those small farms and businesses will turn around and put that money back into their own operations through purchasing supplies, which fuels related businesses in the area.

In short, the money you put toward the local economy continues circulating through the area, bolstering businesses and creating a circle of growth.

Support Sustainable Farming Practices as Well as the Environment

Organic gardening and farming especially contribute to a healthier earth, because one of the key beliefs at the core of these practices is that we need to put back into the soil as much as we take out of it. When you support the local economy of food growers, you support these practices.

In addition, local food systems don’t have to ship their food far to reach dinner plates. Industrial food systems ship their produce all over the globe, in contrast. When you buy local, this helps lessen dependence on fossil fuels in order to transport food, while also minimizing emissions from trucks, trains, and planes that harm the atmosphere.

Food Delivery from Your Farmers Market Makes It Possible

Luckily for you, there’s a very easy way to get delicious, local food and support your community economy at the same time. Food delivery from companies like Ooooby source produce from your area. Most of it is organic, and all of it is local. In this way, you get to combine the convenience of online grocery shopping with the benefits of supporting your economy, area growers, and artisans. Try Ooooby today and see how wonderful real food tastes – not to mention how good it feels to purchase.


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