How to get the Ooooby box you want

How to get the Ooooby box you want

When you sign up for Ooooby boxes, you will get access to your own Ooooby dashboard, from where you can adjust your orders 24/7. Each week that you have an Ooooby box coming, you will also be sent a “Sneak Peek” email. This will let you know what is planned for your upcoming box, what news or cool product we have on offer and finally what options you have to customise your order that week.

You have several options to make sure you receive the Ooooby box that is best suited for you:

1. Do nothing and receive the box as listed in your Ooooby dashboard

Every week our Supply Coordinator goes out of her or his way to plan a varied and balanced Ooooby box for each of the types we offer. Taking into account is what was in the boxes last week, and the week before, what is in season right now and good value, what will go well together to make a nice meal and ensuring a good balance between starchy, leafy and fibrous vegetables and the best in-season fruit.


To take the headspace out of your produce shopping, this is your set-it-and-forget option. Just check out the box list to plan the rest of your groceries that week or don’t even look at it to be surprised every week with a box full of healthy goodness.

2. Request a swap

swap produceIn any given week you can swap up to three items out of your box. You can exclude items just once off, or add them to your permanent “no-thanks” list to exclude them automatically from all your boxes. We will swap the exclusions with any of the other available produce, usually veggies for veggies and fruits for fruit.

If you have any specific requests for replacement items, be sure to let us know. We are more than happy to try to make any swaps work, of course depending a bit on the availability and value of the requested swap.

With just a few tweaks like this you will find it easy to adjust the Ooooby box to your needs. To request a swap, just send a quick email in reply to the Sneak Peek or chat with us on the website. 

3. Add fresh produce top ups

cabbageOnce the Sneak Peek has gone out, you can hop in your Ooooby dashboard to find a whole selection of fresh produce available that week. Select any of these items to top up the produce already in your box. Add a couple of extra kilos of apples for example, if they are good value at the moment and you have planned a nice apple pie for the weekend. Of some extra bunches of herbs for the fresh salads you are planning, or an extra cabbage to make into a batch of sauerkraut.

Adding top ups to your box is made easy in your Ooooby dashboard, be sure to have a look each week to see what is available.

4. Add other artisan products

levainBesides local fruit & veg, we also offer a whole range of local artisan products made with passion by people like me and you. In your Ooooby dashboard you will find specialty breads, gourmet condiments, truly free-range eggs, small-batch roasted Fairtrade organic coffee and many many more quality artisan products. Add them to your order once-off, or make them a part of your weekly Ooooby delivery, either weekly or every other week and support these small-scale producers from your region. 

5. Build your own Ooooby box

custom box feature imageSome household require a more specific selection of produce each week. Perhaps you have a special dinner planned, or would like to make sure you have the staples to cook healthy family meals, or simply like to choose your Ooooby produce yourself.

Each week you have the option of instead of receiving the standard box, to build your own custom box from scratch. Simply select the produce items you would like until you hit the minimum order amount for a custom box, then press the button “Create custom box” to remove your standard order.

Building a custom box can be part of your weekly routine, or something you do every now and then to switch things up.

6. Change your delivery frequency

Change delivery frequencyIn your Ooooby dashboard, you can switch your orders between weekly or fortnightly, whatever suits better for you. You are also able to alternate automatically between two boxes, if you would like to receive the Big Organic Mix Box one week for example and the Lil Organic Mix Box the next. You can also try another box once, to switch it up every now and then. Just tick the box “skip next delivery” by your standard order and select a different box type to be delivered just once-off.

We are more than happy to help you set up your orders, so be sure to get in touch if you need a hand with any of this!

7. Pause or stop your orders

Put on HoldWith Ooooby you are not stuck to a specific subscription period. Should you be away for a week or more, you can simply pause your orders for the time in your Ooooby dashboard. There you can also put them on hold indefinitely, should you go away for a longer period, or simply want to stop your orders altogether. We would be sorry to see you go of course!