Bananas! Local?

While the most ardent locavores might choose to not have bananas in their Ooooby box, the reality is that Kiwi’s like ’em. Did you know we import more bananas per head of population than almost any other nation (maybe something they give us that’s missing in our soil – I don’t know). So in the early days we polled our Ooooby customers to see if they wanted bananas in their boxes, and …

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Building a new food system

This is not an overnight change but in time and together, we can pull food production back closer to home, where it’s grown by people you can meet and shake hands with. This is a positive disruption with a goal of producing an abundance of nutrient-dense food to keep you, your family and your community healthy and strong.

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How to get the Ooooby box you want

When you sign up for Ooooby boxes, you will get access to your own Ooooby dashboard, from where you can adjust your orders 24/7. Each week that you have an Ooooby box coming, you will also be sent a “Sneak Peek” email. This will let you know what is planned for your upcoming box, what news or cool product we have on offer and finally what options you have to customise your order that week. You have several options to make sure you receive the Ooooby box that is best suited for you:

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