First Ooooby Waikato letter

Wow – what a pleasure to have you as part of the Ooooby family. We launched Ooooby Waikato and you said: “Yes, that sounds like a good idea”, or words to that effect. Thank you, you are one of the 43 founding customers to have signed up so far.

On Thursday, you will receive a “Sneak Peek” email telling you what’s going to be in your box in just over a week. You’ll be able to opt-out of some things, and we’ll simply make up the difference by increasing other things for you. 

Please be patient with us on Wednesday the 13th, when we make our first deliveries to your door by Fastway Couriers. We will be delivering out of the Mount Wellington hub for the first few months, with the goal of reaching 150 customers and a Hamilton sorting hub operational by November.

Stay in touch

Please get in touch if anything doesn’t go according to plan, or if your delight can’t be contained and you want to let us know. Either way drop a message on the Ooooby Waikato page on Facebook, or drop an email to or call me on 021 252 0653.

I’ll be in Hamilton on Wednesday to see things unfold. Let me know if you’d be happy for me to drop by to see how it went. That night I’ll be making mention of the Ooooby box launch in my Pecha Kucha talk at The Atrium at Wintec.

Thank you

This is just the beginning. Thank you to all the people who have had a hand in making it happen: Annie, Sylvia, Alvaro, Lu, Jennifer, Beth, Jess, Jess, Ruth, Keith, Nicky, Oscar, Frankie, Kasha and most of all you, for being part of making Ooooby Waikato a reality. And of course to the HQ team – you know who you are.



James Samuel (for the Ooooby crew)
021 252 0653

Pete Russell (Left) and James Samuel March 2014 

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