Making Organic Food Fun and Affordable on a Family Budget

Making Organic Food Fun and Affordable on a Family Budget

Mahatma Gandhi urged us to be the change we want to see in the world. In a culture of prepackaged food and artificial ingredients, one of the best ways we can be that change is to eat organic and naturally grown produce from local farmers. If we want to see fewer chemicals in our families bellies, we must begin by buying fresh and organic food raised locally at farmers markets.

The nature of organic and natural farming

Organic and natural farmers learn the nature and needs of the soil they use for growing crops. They know that the quality of that soil has a profound effect on what comes out of it. Building healthy soils results in growing healthy plants. Organic crops require a lot more than just dumping chemicals around plants to control weeds and to fertilize them, and pretending the chemicals do not leach into the plants, filling them with toxins.

Organic and natural farmers rely on weeding by hand, mechanical weed control, mulching, crop rotation, cover crops, and dense planting to provide plants with the proper nutrients for growth. This means that the organic produce you feed your family is more nutrient dense than their chemically raised counterparts. It also tastes better.

8 Fun facts about veggies

Getting to know your vegetables is part of the fun of getting a local and fresh produce box from Ooooby, as they are packed with a variety of seasonal produce. Here are some interesting veggie factoids:

  • White potatoes, a good source of fiber when baked, were cultivated first by South American Andes Mountain Indians.
  • Did you know that tomatoes are actually a fruit, not a veggie?
  • Using beets to dye your hair is a great way to give it a reddish tint without chemicals, and it keeps you from having to eat the beets too! (Just kidding, eat your purple veggies!)
  • You can use the outside of a cucumber to erase a pen’s writing. 
  • Each mushroom has its own immune system.
  • When you are cutting onions, if you hold a slice of bread in your mouth you can avoid crying.
  • Eat loads of carrots and your skin will turn yellowish orange, making you look either like you have a great tan or you have morphed into a carrot.
  • Corn and grass actually have a lot in common, as both are members of the grass family.

Making organic food more affordable

Short of growing your own organic produce, which most of us have little time for in today’s busy world, buying locally at a farmer’s market or having produce delivered is the best way to make organic food more affordable.

If that’s not an option for you, here are some other ways you can introduce health-giving organic food into your diet:

1. Buy a grocery store’s organic brands – many grocery chains, in response to the growing demand for more organic food grown without pesticides or antibiotics, have developed their own organic brands that are less expensive than national brands.

2. Shop at an outlet store – even large outlet stores have gotten the word that organic foods are in great demand, so make sure you know of any in your local area.

3. Use your freezer – Buy a little more than you need to, and freeze the rest. After a few weeks, raid your freezer! Another option is to buy frozen veggies and fruit: most frozen produce actually retains more nutrients since it’s snap frozen quickly after harvest. If you’re buying local or organic, you shouldn’t have to worry.

4. Buy on mark down days in the meat department – get to know your local grocer’s habits, especially when the meat department does meat markdowns. You can pick up some choice antibiotic and chemical-free natural meats at very low prices on those days. Even though they are on the last sale date, you can freeze them for later enjoyment.

For organic produce, though, the best way to control your spending budget is to get on a delivery plan with Ooooby. You will have fresh veggies, fruit, or a mixed box delivered to you weekly or fortnightly, which is both consistent and to make sure you don’t overspend. While not all of Ooooby’s products are organic, it’s a heavy focus, and we always deliver the best quality produce in season.

By paying our farmers at least  50% of the retail price of these boxes, each purchase supports  your local community and allows for the best of fresh food to arrive at your doorstep. Besides fresh, tasty, locally grown produce, you will also have the satisfaction of doing your part to support the growth of the organic and local foods industry!

See for yourself how Ooooby works!