Bananas! Local?

Bananas! Local?

While the most ardent locavores might choose to not have bananas in their Ooooby box, the reality is that Kiwi’s like ’em. Did you know we import more bananas per head of population than almost any other nation (maybe something they give us that’s missing in our soil – I don’t know).

Ooooby BoxSo in the early days, while operating from the first Ooooby hub, a converted shipping container on an empty section in Grey Lynn, we polled our Ooooby customers to see if they wanted bananas in their boxes, and got a resounding yes!

At this point in the story, it’s important to understand why we are ‘doing’ Ooooby.

The food system we have come to reply on since the advent of supermarkets some 60 years ago (in NZ), has had an unintended consequence of supporting large scale monoculture, and long-distance food.

As we sit here in 2016, most people get their food from an industrial and globalised food system.


Ooooby’s mission is to make local food
easy and fair, everywhere.

One of the first steps is to build a base of customers, so as demand increases, we can go out to the local farmers, and want-to-be local farmers, and let them know we have a channel to market for their produce – thereby increasing local production.

At the moment, there is a distinct lack of local and naturally (non-chemical) fruit and vegetable production, so we need to:

  1. Build a base of satisfied customers
  2. Seek out the most local and most natural produce we can find.

Building a customer base means meeting their needs and wants while paying attention to the philosophy we have of local and natural, so whenever we can’t find produce that our customers reasonably expect, we go as-far-as-we-have-to to get it.

Which brings this story back to bananas.

We can’t get them locally so we get the best natural, organic ones we can find, sourced from a fair trade enterprise. We get most of them fromAll Good Bananas, a New Zealand company supporting fair trade in Equador.

A word from the team at All Good

All GoodThe support on Ooooby and all of your customers is making a big difference to the lives of banana farmers in El Guabo.

So while we may not be able to grow them in our own backyard, we’re helping small farmers in Ecuador who can grow them, to get a fair deal and help support their families.

You can find out just how you’re helping at