A Word From Be Nourished Founder Jo Nolan

A Word From Be Nourished Founder Jo Nolan

Ever since the beginning of time organic, raw, unpasturised cultured living foods, such as sauerkraut, have been well-known for their powerful healing properties and as a way to nurture and foster improved gut and intestinal health. As a mother of two children, I became really interested in nutrition and was looking for ways to nourish my family to be in the best health as possible. That was how I found Sally Fallon’s amazing book Nourishing Traditions and the Weston A. Price Foundation. There was a wonderful chapter in this book on fermented foods and their great nutritional value. I thought sauerkraut maybe one of the easiest things to start with.

However, I soon discovered if I wanted the benefits of an organic, raw sauerkraut made from local ingredients, I was going to have to make it myself as the only kraut I could find was imported and pasteurised – defeating the purpose as it is then a dead food. Inspired to get into the kitchen, I found that not long after starting to make and include these fermented vegetables into my family’s diet daily, things such as sugar cravings and allergies, such as hayfever, were disappearing.

After quite a few years of fermenting for myself, family and friends and finding out more about the vital importance of organic, fermented foods I decided it was time to have as many people as possible be able to experience the benefits of fermented foods and so Be Nourished was born. Today, I’m committed to sharing my knowledge about the benefits of organic, fermented veges and producing nourishing cultured, living foods that are a delicious complement to any meal. 

You see, what’s cool about sauerkraut and kimchi is that they can be used in so many creative ways in the kitchen – just check out our Helena Bay pesto recipe below. Or just simply use sauerkraut and kimchi as a great condiment that helps you not only digest your meal but also absorb nutrients from it.

Our sauerkrauts and kimchi are created are made from local, seasonal, organic produce (certified where possible) and bursting with live cultures. I am very passionate about sourcing organic ingredients and supporting local growers. 

It’s for this reason that I’m proud to sell my products through Ooooby. I love everything that Ooooby stands for and all the great work they are doing at creating a fantastic nationwide local food network for both organic growers and shoppers.

Be Nourished, Jo 🙂



Helena Bay Kraut Pesto 

2 cups fresh herbs

½ cup Helena Bay Sauerkraut

½ cup olive oil

¼ cup nuts (optional)

Salt to taste

Combine herbs and nuts in a food processor and pulse until coarsely chopped. Add olive oil and process then add kraut and process.