6 Benefits of Cooking With Seasonal Produce

6 Benefits of Cooking With Seasonal Produce

shutterstock_139441487There are so many benefits of eating local! Your produce is juicier and more delicious, and it tastes fresher because it hasn’t travelled many miles from a factory farm. One aspect of eating locally is that you must pick your produce by what’s in-season. Eating seasonally means that you eat what’s grown locally and what’s in-season. Most countries host a vast selection of delicious fruits and vegetables that grow throughout the year. Having food year-round means you have a delicious dinner in store for you every day of the year.

This is what makes eating seasonally so exciting! We’ve put together a few reasons for why you should consider eating seasonally.

1. You Can Taste the Difference With Fresh Produce

Trust us; fruit that has just been picked from the tree is juicier and more delicious. Food that is imported from different areas or even different countries will sit in distribution centres before it gets to you, so the taste just isn’t as delicious as local, seasonal fruit.

2. Fresh Produce Has Higher Nutritional Value

Because the produce has not been sitting on a shelf for hours, it can be consumed closer to harvest. When you consume produce fresh from harvest, the produce is higher in nutritional value. Take a look next time you’re in a super market: fresh fruit will be brighter in colour and look the juiciest! In addition, food that has travelled far will most likely be sprayed with preservatives.

3. Eating Seasonally Matches Your Seasonal Needs

Have you ever noticed how most fruit grows in the summer, and heavier vegetables grow in the winter? That’s because the earth and our bodies know just what we need when the weather changes. Use the vegetables we can grow in winter like broccoli, turnip, onion, and garlic, to make a nice soup, warm your body and fill it with nutrients when the weather gets colder. On the other hand, summer fruit and vegetables such as cucumber, peaches, and apples taste delicious in fresh squeezed juices. It’s a great snack on a hot summer day!

4. You Can Create Delicious Recipes Year Round

Have you ever grown tired of cooking the same meal night in and night out? When you cook seasonally, your fridge is ever changing so it’s tough to get stuck on the same meal. Cooking seasonally can create some fun in the kitchen; you can experiment with new recipes or try new takes on old ones! In the summer, try a watermelon and mint salad recipe and serve it at a barbeque with your friends. In the winter, why not try making an artichoke dip on a cold day?

5. Eating Seasonally Benefits the Environment

When you purchase a bundle of bananas from Mexico, consider how much energy, resources, and labour that was used to pick those bananas, get them on a boat, travel all the way across the ocean, and get them on the grocery store shelf. Every year, retailers waste momentous amounts of produce due to long travel times and overstocked supermarket shelves.

6. Eating Locally Helps Benefit Your Local Economy

When you purchase your produce from farmers in the area, not only are you supporting them, but you’re supporting your community.

Thanks to retailers like Ooooby, you can receive fresh, locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients right to your door. Finding a local farmer’s market can be a hassle, as can lugging all your produce home. Thanks to Ooooby, you can access a farmer’s market right from the comfort of your own home, and have a peace of mind knowing all the food delivered to your door supports local farmers.


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